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Therefore, the beauty of crocodile skin lies not only in the scarcity of its raw materials, but also in the natural gradient of its stripes. Because its gradient pattern is not as obvious as artificial, it has no logic,wholesale gucci belt and there is no trace of this kind of seemingly artificial. It is because each crocodile retains its own characteristics as it grows up. Like the fingerprints of each of us as ordinary consumers in our daily lives wholesale gucci belts china.

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Although it has a characteristic,wholesale gucci belts china it is very inelastic, but it is very strong. Therefore, if you use crocodile skin to make leather goods, if you maintain it in a timely manner and do it well, you will find another reason, that is, the longer and longer, the leather, this bag or this wholesale gucci belt, it will become more and more more flexible. Therefore, crocodile skin has naturally become a lot of stars or some rich people, who choose mens gucci belt wholesale or leather bags as the preferred material.

And usually a leash can be done by sacrificing more than one crocodile. Therefore, the production of crocodile skin is extremely expensive in the market, which is the belt or leather bag of some first-line brands, or a mens gucci belt wholesale. Watch straps,wholesale gucci belts china why the price of its production will order more than tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands or even millions in terms of pricing,wholesale gucci belt this is the reason for your RMB.

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As ordinary consumers in our daily life, let's take a look at it next. What are the layers of leather? First of all, on the top of the leather, we call it the first layer of cowhide. That is, the top layer of the dermis as we understand it. Its characteristic is that it is the most original and natural leather,wholesale gucci belts china and it is also the best choice for some high-end brands. Because this kind of texture is the clearest, its style or its brightness and comprehensiveness, and its uniformity after maintenance will also appear particularly high-end, and it will also become very strong and firm mens gucci belt wholesale.